Published papers (in order of acceptance)

Higher Rates of Homelessness are Associated with Increases in Mortality from Accidental Drug and Alcohol Poisonings
David Bradford and F.A. Lozano-Rojas
Health Affairs, 2024
[Article][Video Abstract]

A structural change in the Power to Tax: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s impact on sales tax collections across Georgia counties
F.A. Lozano-Rojas and M. Lofton
Municipal Finance Journal, 2023

State funding for substance use disorder treatment declined in the wake of Medicaid expansion
C.M. Andrews, O. M. Hinds, F.A. Lozano-Rojas, W.L. Besman, A. J. Abraham, C.M. Grogan and A.F. Silverman
Health Affairs, 2023

Allocation of federal funding to address the opioid overdose crisis in the criminal legal system
S. J. Harris, A. J. Abraham, F.A. Lozano-Rojas, S. Negaro, C.M. Andrews, and C.M. Grogan
Journal of Substance Use and Addiction Treatment, 2023

The effect of soda taxes beyond beverages in Philadelphia
F.A. Lozano-Rojas & P. Carlin
Health Economics, 2022. [Article]

In the media:

Do taxes on soda really lower sugar intake? US World & News Report. Sep 2022
City soda taxes do not cut overall sugar intake Medical Xpress. Sep 2022
City-based soda pop taxes don't effectively reduce sugar consumption Health Day. Sep 2022
Momentum stalls for soda taxes as health benefits remain scarce Tax Notes Aug 2021

Effects of social distancing policy on labor market outcomes
S. Gupta, L. Montenovo, T. Nguyen, F.A. Lozano-Rojas, I.M. Schmutte, K. Simon, B.A. Weinberg, & C. Wing
Contemporary Economic Policy, 2022.

Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses
L. Montenovo, X. Jiang, F.A. Lozano-Rojas, I.M. Schmutte, K. Simon, B.A. Weinberg, & C. Wing
Demography, 2022.

Tracking Public and Private Responses to the Covid-19 Epidemic: Evidence from State and Local Government Actions
S. Gupta, T.D. Nguyen, S. Raman, B. Lee, F.A. Lozano-Rojas, A. Bento, K. Simon & C. Wing
American Journal of Health Economics, 2021.

Evidence from internet search data shows information-seeking responses to news of local COVID-19 cases
A. Bento, T.D. Nguyen, C. Wing, F.A. Lozano-Rojas, Y. Ahn & K. Simon
Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, 2020.

Human Capital Contracts in Chile: An exercise based on income data from Chilean higher education graduates
Lozano-Rojas, F.A.
Latin American Journal of Economics, 2012.

Evaluating an alternative to finance higher education: Human Capital Contracts in Colombia
Lozano-Rojas, F.A.
Revista de Economia del Rosario, 2009.

Under Review

Opioids Prescribing Restrictions and Homelessness: Evidence from Hydrocodone Rescheduling
J. Olvera, F. Lozano-Rojas, J. Ramos, and S. Gupta
Journal of Housing Economics (Conditional Acceptance)

Consumer Incidence in Sales Tax Holidays: Evidence from Tennessee
Ross, J. and Lozano-Rojas, F.A.
National Tax Journal (Review and Resubmit)

The Effect of Cannabis Laws on Access to Pain Medications among Commercially Insured Patients in the United States
F. Lozano-Rojas, A. Abraham, S. Gupta and D. Bradford

Working papers

An inquiry on the heterogeneous effects of sin taxes levied on Soda
F.A. Lozano-Rojas

Using cash subsidies to enhance student loan outcomes for low-income students
F.A. Lozano-Rojas

Other publications

Getting sugar back? Soda taxes beyond sodas
F. Lozano-Rojas & Patrick Carlin
AusTax Policy Blog. The Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at Crawford School of the Australian National University. , 2021.

Unequal Employment Impacts of COVID-19
K. Simon, F. Lozano-Rojas, L. Montenovo, X. Jiang, I.M. Schmutte, B. Weinberg and C. Wing
Econofact , 2020.

Are Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes Regressive? Evidence from Household Retail Purchases
Ross, J. and Lozano-Rojas, F.A.
Tax Foundation - Fiscal Fact, 2018.